About Little MylkBar

A Vegan Dream & A Vegan Food Truck

Little Mylk Bar started off as a dream by creators Claire & Christie.
The mother and daughter duo believed in creating a world that sustainably thrives on basic vegan principals and ethics.

The duo sold the business in December 2019 to Malia & Vivek. Malia is a passionate vegan who has dreamt about having a vegan business of her own for a very long time.

Veganism is extremely important to business and family, as compassion and kindness for animals are often overlooked in this modern world. Be it meat, dairy or eggs – All animals involved in these industries suffer immensely. It is that pain and passion that drove Claire & Christie who wanted to make not buying animal products easier for everyone. Choosing to run a vegan business is a form of animal activism, as we create more vegan options for people, we are increasing the demand for vegan food and minimising the amount of animal suffering

Although the vegan world right now is small, it is growing. We would love to encourage anyone who is vegan already or excited to try amazing vegan food to come by our food caravan and give it a go!